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Environmental and civilization health diseases: What’s behind it?

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With what diseases a person is confronted in the course of his life, which is always also depends on the environment in which he grows up and lives. Many diseases that have spread to the developed Western world, the members of the indigenous people do not know. Precisely this range

Is a Healthy Lifestyle Worth It?

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The National Action Plan “IN FORM – German initiative for healthy eating and exercise more ” is also used in business and administration approval. An investment in workplace health promotion is worthwhile for the employees and the operation, the numbers speak for themselves. On the INFORM Symposium on Workplace Health

Health problems: Pollen alergies

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In the vernacular, an allergy to grass is also known as hay fever. But this is not an allergic reaction to the grass itself, but against certain protein components of pollen. As Windbestäuber produce grasses during its heyday tons of pollen. Because unlike the animal pollination, wind pollination is not

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