With what diseases a person is confronted in the course of his life, which is always also depends on the environment in which he grows up and lives. Many diseases that have spread to the developed Western world, the members of the indigenous people do not know. Precisely this range of conditions commonly referred to as diseases of civilization.

The causes of these diseases

Man interacts in many ways with its environment. He speaks and listens, can sense heat and cold and takes various substances through the mouth, nose, eyes, ears and on the skin. Then there are the substances that enter the food through the digestive tract into the body. And that’s where danger lurks. You already start at an ever- existing oversupply of food, which the emergence of overweight and as a result of diseases of the supporting and locomotor system and the cardiovascular system favors to not even to speak of diseases such as diabetes. The lack of movement of the highly developed societies here affects adversely.

The range of environmental and lifestyle diseases

In addition to the actual threat posed by environmental toxins and the increasing number of diagnosed allergies to mental illness become noticed. Many anxiety disorders are triggered by the cautionary publications in the media to the environmental toxins. In addition, the ever-increasing pressure to perform and the sensory overload in the modern -oriented digital media company.

All these factors tend to mutually add up and to potentiate. Genetically modified food and animals fed with antibiotics in the food chain are more triggers for diseases of civilization. Here that negative aspects of the legislation and controls can not be completely avoided, the food scares of recent times have made very impressively clear.

The organism reacts individually

Whether a person develops an environmental and lifestyle diseases, which depends both on its genetic make-up and the other hand on his personal behavior. Some of the most damaging influences such as alcohol, tobacco and contact with a particularly intense solar radiation can be avoided. There were other factors such as the noise in a big city one, only an escape to the countryside.

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