The National Action Plan “IN FORM – German initiative for healthy eating and exercise more ” is also used in business and administration approval. An investment in workplace health promotion is worthwhile for the employees and the operation, the numbers speak for themselves.

On the INFORM Symposium on Workplace Health Promotion in Bonn informed experts on ways of activities in the fields of exercise, nutrition, stress management, and digital work protection. The symposium was the prelude for further events to Theam workplace health promotion.

The healthier and more powerful are the employees, the better they can meet the diverse challenges of everyday work. Investing in the health of employees should also convince the finance department of the company. It is clear from results that were presented at the symposium, stating that a company for every euro that it invested in occupational prevention, receives an equivalent of 1.60 euros.

For more information about the costs and benefits of WHP find decision makers in business and administration and other interested parties on the new information portal.

The symposium also the importance of a balanced diet and getting enough exercise was stressed in workplace health promotion. Therefore, the initiative IN THE FORM together with the German Nutrition Society ( DGE) has developed quality standards for company canteens and compiled a checklist to check the foods available in their canteen with the companies.

There are also suggestions for more movement in the workplace and many other tips for a healthy lifestyle, even for families, children, youth and seniors.

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June 2024
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